Why Zoning?

Did you know that neither Paris nor London have “zoning”. As I was told by a government official in Paris, a property owner can do whatever they would like to do with the property. A building could be a school, a hotel, an apartment house or offices. The mix works very well in bringing vibrancy to neighborhoods. I do not know the details, but I do know that Paris is a magnificent city that allows the market dictate what is best for its real estate. Existing building can not be destroyed and much is “land marked”. I am not sure how new construction is handeled.

In London also, I was told by an economist I met at a seminar in NYC, that “zoning” does not exist. He told me that most of the major European cities were the same and they were confused as to the American idea of zoning.

Zoning, has we have it today, seems antithetical to the interests of the inhabitants and the municipalities. In NYC, for example, zoning laws go back over 50 years. As if someone 50 years ago knew what was best very every neighborhood then, and 50 years into the future! Preposterous! Why not allow the market to dictate what is done with an existing property? All the fallow commercial buildings in lower midtown that cry out for residential conversions - many can not be done - illegal activity!

The incredibly offensive height of Trump’s residential tower on First Ave. near the U.N. was all done “legally”. If we did not have zoning, but some “norm” of height for new construction per the size of the land, etc. with community review - that eyesore would never have been constructed. With our existing laws, we allow the absurd and prohibit the natural.

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